Turbocharge engagement from repeat customers!

Through an exclusive partnership, O’Donnell Marketing is pleased to announce a revolutionary way to collect customer information i.e. Leads, from foot traffic in your place of business. What is it? Simply put, we install an inexpensive system that offers free Wi-Fi to customers visiting your business. In order to access the free Wi-Fi, the customer will be asked to enter their email address. Building an email list with customers who have actually been on site is huge. Reach out to them through email marketing with exclusive offers, promotions or news about upcoming events.


Seamlessly capture leads with our wi-fi powered customer engagement platform.

Get superpowers that supercharge your business.

Zenreach was created to solve one of the most important problems in the modern economy—consumers spend most of their time online, yet over 90% of purchasing still happens offline — and there is no link between the two systems We’re closing the online-to-offline loop.

Zenreach is a simple and powerful WiFi-powered marketing platform that delivers automated smart messaging, incorporates a comprehensive CRM, offers tools to manage your reputation in real-time, analyzes walk-through rates™, and more.


  • Know your customers: We’ll turn your WiFi into a contact collecting powerhouse. You’ll know your customers’ email, demographic info and visit behavior. And it all happens automatically through your new branded login portal.
  • Send the right message, at the right time: With Zenreach’s Smart Messages, you can build a real connection with your customers, sending the right messages to the right customers at the right time. Haven’t seen Karen in a while? You can create a custom Smart Messages campaign to entice her back.
  • Maintain a good reputation: Zenreach gives you the power to manage your reputation in real-time, letting you point happy customers to some of the most popular review sites while interacting personally with any unhappy customers before they post bad reviews.


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