Restaurant SEO

This is Google’s sandbox, and everybody online plays in it. An effective restaurant SEO strategy is essential to growing your brand. Our SEO experts at O’Donnell Marketing will ensure that you and your restaurant appear on the first page of search results. Boost Your Online Presence. Boost Your Real-World Profits.

Social Media Marketing for Restaurants

Chances are you are doing this already, but are you getting measurable results? How much of your time does it take up? Let us optimize your social marketing and free up the time that you spend engaging with potential customers. Social marketing can sometimes be overwhelming for busy restaurant owners. Let us be your trusty sidekick!

Restaurant Website Design Services

Restaurants are competitive and you would be amazed at how many owners are still using sites that look and function like they were built in 1998. We can design a stunning, functional and easy to use website in less than a month that will have your clients saying “Wow!” Incorporate your menu, take reservations and monitor your reviews all online from your site!

Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click or PPC is both one of the most effective, but also most confusing marketing strategies for restaurants. For the inexperienced, it can be costly and provide few tangible results. Our team at O’Donnell Marketing are experts at dynamic Facebook and Google Adwords advertising that converts real hungry people into your happy diners.


Turn your previous happy clients into video evangelists! StoryTap is a video platform that makes it easy for you to collect, own and even micro-influence authentic video, like video reviews, video content and more, all from real people, like your customers. Imagine a happy family giving a video review of a meal they just had at your restaurant. That type of social validation is gold for you and your business.

Online Reputation Management for Restaurants

90% of consumers say they’ll only consider eating at a restaurant if they have an average rating of 3-5 stars. Your reputation is everything in the restaurant biz. If you are not monitoring your reviews online, your competition is! We can make sure that you are presented in the best possible light and bury any negative reviews with a flood of good ones from your authentic previous happy clients. Ask about our reputation services and look like a rock star online!

ZenReach for Restaurants

Through an exclusive partnership, O’Donnell Marketing is pleased to announce a revolutionary way to collect customer information i.e. Leads, from foot traffic in your restaurant. Customers will have to enter their email address in order to access free Wi-Fi at your restaurant. This provides a list of dedicated customers who are eager to hear about your next special promotion, offer or event. Restaurants that use ZenReach at O’Donnell Marketing report a 10% improvement in customer reviews and a 65% increase in customer visits!

Business Listings

With our exclusive listing service, we will quickly establish accurate business listings on dozens of reputable listing sites. Yelp, TripAdvisor, YellowPages and dozens of others. Plus, sync to Google My Business, Facebook, and Twitter for no additional charge. This puts you in control of how your business looks and ensures accurate information. It is also great for SEO.

Content Marketing for Restaurants

C’mon. Everybody is doing it. Content marketing is the practice of creating high-value content for a target audience to attract and engage them. It should be a core component of every restaurant owner’s marketing strategy. When companies provide consistent, valuable information to their customers, they build brand loyalty and drive business. Add real value to your restaurant website!

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