Content Marketing

Content is KING

Content marketing is the practice of creating high-value content for a target audience to attract and engage them. It should be a core component of every business owner’s marketing strategy. When companies provide consistent, valuable information to their customers, they build brand loyalty and drive business.

  • Managed Service: With a dedicated Account Manager and editorial review process, you can rest easy knowing your project is in the hands of professionals. Typically, this is a service only offered for a minimum $2500 spend!
  • Image development: Releasing high-quality publications on a regular basis allows businesses to establish themselves as thought leaders, which strengthens the corporate brand
  • Increased reach and name recognition: Often, high-quality content that addresses current or controversial topics is disseminated via social networks. By taking advantage of this trend, a company can increase its prominence and reach.
  • Lead generation: If customers are impressed by the content provided, there is a high probability that they will be willing to leave their contact details – whether out of an interest in the product or simply a desire to get to more content
  • Cost-efficient: O'Donnell Marketing offers high-quality content at an affordable price.

O'Donnell Marketing Case Study

Client: A Large Internet Retailer

Writing Category Descriptions for a Top 10 Internet Retailer

Project Overview

Problem Statement

Raise the profile of E-commerce site

Increase organic search ranking for product and category pages

Include internal links to high-value brands

Improve customer experience

Challenges Faced By The Client

Update 5,000 category pages with original content

Clean up Taxonomy

Develop consistent guidelines for internal linking

Develop consistent guidelines for HTML and CSS generation

Before O’Donnell Marketing

Without category descriptions on their product category pages, the top 10 retailer’s SEO performance metrics were suffering. This opportunity was apparent on the category pages across their site.

Established Criteria For Success

Collaboratively defined an end state

Delivered content with HTML and CSS

Provided internal links for high-value brands

Delivered Excellent Results

Delivered 5,000 category pages with original content

Content is providing a measurable increase in organic search results

SERP increase of almost 5% across all pages

The customer has ordered additional content for the next phase

After O’Donnell Marketing: Category Page Example


Blog Package

  • 12 Customized Blog Posts
  • Topics and industry of your choice
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Single Blog Post 500 Words

  • A single 500-word blog post in a niche of your choice
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Single Blog Post 1000 Words

  • 1000 word article in a niche of your choosing
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How do I get started?

Simply fill out the activation order form! As soon as O’Donnell Marketing has received payment, we will get started writing! You will receive 12 blog posts which you can publish weekly.

How long is the blog post and who writes them?

Each post will be approximately 300-400 words. We have a team of writers and an external advisory board who contributes content. You can see a sample of our writing HERE

When will I receive my content?

Expect content to be delivered between 14-20 days.

Can I request edits?

Absolutely! Upon receipt, you will have 48 hours to request a revision of any blog post. We will make the appropriate changes and send it back within 48 hours.

Ongoing Blog Posts Subscription

$395/ month
  • Ongoing original content blog posts/ two 500-word articles per week (8 articles per month)
  • No contracts. Cancel anytime.
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CEO Interview

  • Interviews are rich in high-quality content that search engines love and that your customers will find extremely interesting.
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